Summer Essentials’17

Hey guys,

It’s burning hot here in Delhi and I thought it would be the perfect time to share my summer essentials.

  1. You cannot do summer without a sun block, My favourite sunscreen is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun block. I’ve been wearing this one a lot! It has a dry finish, it’s waterproof and feels very light and has SPF of 50!

 Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sun Block is a sweat proof, oil free and ultra light mist. I hate sunscreen lotions that leave a whitish cast on your skin and have a very creamy texture. This spray does not do that. It blends well into the skin. The spray is very light and has a mild fragrance. It has SPF of 30.

Do not use it directly on the face, spray a little on your palms and apply it on the face.

  1. I’m a bit of a hoarder when it comes to lip balms. During winters, since dry lips are quite visible people use lip balms but what most of us forget is that it is equally important to keep our lips hydrated even during summers. Lip balms should be a must in your handbags irrespective of the season.

I’ve been using the Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer for over a month now. It has an SPF of 15! Also, this might look like a sponsored post by Neutrogena, but it’s not. (I wish it was though :p)

  1. We tend to sweat a lot in summers which makes our hair greasy, I wouldn’t recommend washing and styling your hair every other day. The Bblunt dry shampoo retails for Rs.250 and freshens up your scalp instantly!

Do not use this every single day .

  1. It’s a task to manage hair during summers, a leave in conditioner helps in controlling frizz and making your hair manageable in this humid weather. The Lo’real leave in conditioner is my current fav, it also protects hair from the sun!

Bblunt climate control leave in conditioner does a great job as well!

  1. When you’re spending your day in the sun, things can get a little stinky…

The body shop white musk is a great deodorant and lasts a long time, it’s travel friendly so you can carry it in your handbag and use it whenever you need it!

The nivea whitening roll on is a cheaper alternative for this.–parfum/white-musk/white-musk%C2%AE-anti-perspirant-deodorant/pid-3368261.aspx

  1. An easy wipe off or no rinse mask will make you feel fresh instantly, the kara wet wipes work well for me and cost around Rs. 100 for 30 wipes!

Hope this list of products help you survive summer, good vibes to ya’ll!

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